Blank Top Trump Cards

Having been a big fan of top trumps when I was young I’ve decided to create some with my year 6’s in these last few weeks.  If you’re not sure how to play Top Trumps check out Wikipedia article with all the rules!  The blank cards, 4 to an A4 sheet, that I have created have room for a picture and 4 pieces of information to compare.  The orange box I have used to write the ‘theme’ of the cards!  Have fun creating them in class.  Remember you can have top trumps on almost anything.  Revision for the SATS on shapes, scientific properties, footballers, characters from a book.  The list is endless!

If you want to have a go at playing online try the Top Trumps Live website.

You can download the blank top trumps cards as a PDF or editable Microsoft Word document.

Post Image – Mesa Gots More Humility Than That!

  • Linda Bilsborrow

    Great idea – I’ve often used Top Trumps as an introduction to the idea of Fields in a database.
    One request – can we have a version with text boxes so that children can create them on the computer – giving a more uniform appearance to a set of cards?

    • Fasam

      cool it is sich and a half

  • RossA

    Thanks for the suggestion Linda. I’ve altered the cards as you suggested. Download them again and you should find they are editable! :)

  • Mark Warner

    I haven’t used these templates myself, but my Year 6s have been making their own Top Trumps (using good old-fashioned pencil and paper!) this week… they’re loving it.
    A really motivating task for everyone involved. Thanks for the idea!

  • Peter Willett

    Why has it taken me so long to find theses, they are great. i’m using them with yr 6 to make a set based on our teachers , would love some suggestions for fields i could use…
    peter :0)

  • Gregory Anderson

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks for these links. They will be used in North Yorkshire!

  • Elyse

    i think they are great my idea is to make the whole class some top trumps .
    by the way im a techer

  • Tony

    Resike supply Recyclate ‘Top Trump’ cards which compare different types of materials scoring on subjects like recyclability, re-usability, environmental impact & material value. An interesting adaption of the game. The website can be found at – click the ‘Education’ tab then go to the ‘other products’ section. A great idea

  • Sarah

    The links don’t seem to work, I just get an error message. Is this just me? Is there another way to access them? Thanks.

    • markwarner

      Thanks for letting me know about this. The links seem to have broken after a change in the web address of the blog. I’ll get in touch with Andrew and see if he can provide the original files for me to make them available again.

  • Sarah

    Great, thanks!

  • Adam

    I’ve done some templates with powerpoint and posted to my blog @

  • Mirain

    Thanks so so so much for these! I’m in my first year studying Teaching and am definitely using these for teaching prac! Diolch yn fawr!!

  • JAMES1234510


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