Dispatches: Britain's Challenging Children

Dispatches is on tonight looking at Britain’s Challenging Children.  Here is the information that I’ve been sent from the Director Brian Woods:

“Tonight at 8pm Dispatches spends a year inside 5 UK primary schools to uncover the enormous challenges faced by teachers dealing with violent and disruptive behaviour.  97% of teachers say they have to deal with disruptive pupils in their classroom – pupils like Levi in Luton, who regularly has to storm out of class for fear that he might lose control; or Jordyn in Glasgow whose swearing and aggression frightens teachers and classmates alike.

With remarkable results, we follow Levi, Jordyn and others as their schools reach out to both children and parents to address the roots of their behaviour.  But with this kind of support available only in a tiny minority of schools, are we doing enough?”

Dispatches: Britain’s Challenging Children – Channel 4 8pm

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