iPads and iPods in Education (Part 2)

Following my previous post about iPhone and iPod apps for schools, I thought that it might be useful to write a second post, which also includes links to relevant iPad apps, now that the device has been released. Here are links to some useful apps, sites and resources:

App Suggestions:

  • iPads in Science – An amazing list of apps and ideas for using iPads in your Science lessons.
  • Punflay – This company makes a large number of iPod / iPad games and educational applications, including a virtual Frog Dissection, physics puzzles and Maths games.
  • EducationApps – Another company making educational software, targetted to the UK market.
  • Apps for children 0-7 years – A selection of applications for use with younger children.
  • Top iPhone / iPod apps for kids – A large number of applications for children to use in the classroom.
  • 100 hard to find apps for schools – This list is an extremely useful collection of apps organised by category.
  • Animation Creator HD – Lets you make stop-motion animations on the iPad screen. Children in my own class loved using the Pivot Stick Animator software this week, so I’m going to buy this one and see how it compares!
  • Singing Fingers – How could you use this fun tool in your classroom?

Other Links:

Apps that I’ve used at school:

  • Evernote – I use Evernote all the time on my iPhone, iPad and computers. It’s a note taking tool which I use for taking minutes in staff meetings, jotting down ideas, drafting lesson plans and much more. By entering notes on one device, it is automatically synced to every other device (and to the online service too).

Image – Evernote, iPad App Store

  • FileBrowser – With this app, I can access files our our school’s network. It’s a great way of quickly browsing the network and looking at important documents when I’m not near my school computer.
  • iResponse Pro – I discovered this app whilst attending some training by Chris Thomas. It’s a fantastic assessment tool that works just like a voting system. Teachers set up their questions and the children can use their iPods / iPads to respond to them.
  • Videos – We’ve used the built-in Videos app to watch instructional videos in Literacy lessons and to watch movie trailers when learning about dialogue and speech recently.
  • Maps – Another built-in application with huge potential for classroom use… it could be used to look at street and satellite maps of an area you are studying. Street View could also be used to get the children to go on a virtual tour of particular places. I’ve started adding ‘Places and Maps’ to the Teaching Themes site, so why not explore some of these places with your iPods and iPads?
  • Plants vs Zombies – This isn’t educational at all, but I showed it to my class once when I first got my iPad and they’ve been begging to play it together again ever since!

Many thanks to my Twitter network who have shared many of these over the past few months. I’m keen to explore this topic in future posts, so please get in touch with suggested apps / links or leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • http://www.iear.org Scott Meech

    I Education Apps Review is a community of educators devoted to find the best apps available for the education community. It is a grassroots effort that has over 600 members of the community and 30 teachers doing app reviews.

  • http://Languagesresources.co.uk Spanishsam

    I have collated some further apps on my blog: http://www.languagesresources.wordpress.com which you might fond interesting

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