10 Resources for World Water Day

World Water Day is held every year on 22nd March to remind people about the importance of freshwater and encouraging the sustainable management of freshwater resources. If you’re planning to use the day as the starting point for activities in your classroom, here are 10 useful sites and tools to look at:

1) The UN Water site has lots of information and resources that teachers (and pupils) can explore. There is a world map of events that are taking place, an interactive logo builder and a free poster about the water cycle.

UN Water

2) The Primary School Geography Encyclopedia has a number of child-friendly pages about water that pupils can use for research.

3) Teaching Ideas has a number of free downloadable resources based on water. If you have any suggestions for new water-themed activities / resources that I could add to the site, let me know!

Teaching Ideas - Water

4) Water Aid have lots of free lesson plans for primary and secondary schools, based on water, health and human rights.

5) The BBC’s Class Clips has a number of video about water, including this one that teaches pupils about the availability of water around the world.

6) CrickWeb have a clear animation that teaches children about the water cycle.

7) The Water Family is a lovely interactive site that encourages children to think of different ways that they can save water around the home.

The Water Family

8 ) Thames Water have lots of tools and resources for primary and secondary schools. There are lesson plans, assembly resources and downloadable podcasts to listen to.

9) Lots of other water companies have resources for schools too, including Southern Water and Yorkshire Water.

10) The Water Project is a charity that aims to help provide clean, safe water to those who suffer without it. They have lots of free teaching tools and resources about water.

Are you taking part in World Water Day?

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